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Interested in Paintball? An itch to do something new? Tired of shooting cans in the back yard? Or perhaps you just have the slimy idea of getting that well endowed lady in the next cubicle to run. Well give us a call! New players should play at least once at a registered field to learn safety and dispel the nonsense kicked around at study hall. Learn the game right, pick up tips and tricks and have fun! For group reservations of 12 or more one person shall need to contact us, communicate information, collect the deposit and otherwise organize the outing. This person is the group leader. For more information please click Group Leader. Experienced players need to know that this is a rec-ball woods field with no store and no speed ball courts, (until the industry does something about ramping the x-ball field will have to wait) so leave your E-blades, Angeles, and Timmies home. Grab your backup and have some old school woods ball fun.
Types of Paintball
Paintball has different forms. Outlaw is a term used to describe paintball activities away from a registered field. While many people enjoy playing on their own property the lack of a chronograph (used for measuring ball speed) and no supervision raises the risk of injury. Speedball is fast paced game play using man made obstacles (bunkers). This is  the “sport” variety of paintball. Recreational paintball, rec-ball or woods ball describes what we do. The pace is slower than speedball overall but still has lots of adrenaline. The consumption of paintball's is less and the need for high end equipment is not acute. Learn more about paintball history, safety, product reviews, game play and marker maintenance / repair at
Customer Information
Paintball is not war but this is! Give thanks, give respect, give to the VFW, USO or any reputable fund benefiting our service men and women.
Are you a Vet? Take action against those who hug Hugo Chavez and say Sadam wasn’t such a bad guy.
Thank you for your service.
Camouflage is great but only  “works” when you are motionless. The human eye and brain recognize movement very well.
Dates available for private groups will be very limited this year.