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The object of the game is to capture your opponents flag and and return it to your flag station. Both flags must be present to win.

All players must begin a game at their flag station or other assigned starting point.

To tag out a player you must put a paint mark on his or her body or their marker. Balls that don’t break don’t count. Paint spray does not count.

Players eliminated must immediately plug their barrel and leave the field. Call for a “paint check” if you’re unsure of a ball break, a ref will may temporarily stop play in that area.

Players eliminated may not by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of any player.

A captured flag must be carried openly in the hand or hung around the neck.

If the flag carrier is marked, the flag must be hung on the nearest tree, bush or bunker.

No player, having gone beyond the boundary line, may re-join play. You are out and must return to the staging area.
Game Play
Playing a game of Capture the Flag
Playing a game of Capture the Flag
Plug your barrel after you call yourself out so that other players will not mistake you for an active player.
Paintball's are pliant and filled with liquid. Even with fancy equipment do not expect tack driving accuracy.
Easy on the trigger dude! We do not allow overshooting of our customers.
Don’t keep playing after you are tagged out. Even with refs, we still play by the honor system. Wiping off a ball break is a sin.