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The following is a short list of what instruments are not allowed for use on our fields. We are not trying to keep you from having fun, just making sure all our customers, having paid good money, have a fun and safe game day. So, before you duct tape that steak knife on the end of your barrel as a bayonet, give some thought to the other players and our safety concerns. If you think its a bad idea it probably is.
Prohibited Devices
No Airsoft (regardless of ammo,) laser sights, air cannons, bug bombs, gopher bombs, frozen paintball's, eye and skin irritants (CN, Capsicum, Mace, etc.) non ASTM projectiles (marbles, etc.,) paintball tanks, tree climbing gear, sling shots, blow guns or fireworks.
Burst or full auto capable markers must be locked in semi.
Lets just play paintball without burning, blinding, maiming or otherwise torturing each other please.
If you unscrew your CO2 tank from your marker but it takes longer than usual and perhaps a squeak with each turn stop! Put the marker down. Call a dedicated paintball store or field. There have been rare incidents of CO2 tanks unscrewing from their valves thus becoming missiles. The valve is the brass, sometimes chrome plated thingy on the tank. The valve is supposed to unscrew from the CA of the marker not the tank! Threads should never be visible between the valve and the tank. Customers, if you are new to paintball, please ask a referee to change your tanks.
Despite reports that don’t jive with statistics, paintball is quite safe. Safer than tennis or golf. According to American Sports Data Inc. paintball injuries occurred 0.2 times per 1000 exposures and most all of these happened away from registered fields. (Back yards) Use your equipment correctly, make safety a habit, play smart and fair. Don’t become a statistic.
Our Field Safety Rules
> Safety masks must be worn at all times when on or near the playing fields or target range. Do not remove them for any reason. Any player not wearing them will be removed from the game. If your mask fogs so bad you can't see, call for a ref.
> When off they playing fields carry your marker with the barrel plugged and away from people. Only fire the marker on the play fields or in the shooting / chronograph area.
> You shall be instructed how to chronograph your marker, for now remember the maximum ball speed is 285 fps.
> Never discharge a marker at someone closer than 15 feet.
> Alcohol and other drugs are prohibited. If you are under their influence, you will not be permitted to play.
> You are expected to act in a safe, responsible manner while on our fields. Physical contact is prohibited. These games are for fun not a world championship, no foul or abusive language.
> Don't use woodland critters for target practice, you will be ejected!
> We are not responsible for your equipment. If you rent you are responsible for our equipment so don't abuse it and return it clean. Use a duffel bag or tote to secure your gear.
> Failure to abide by the rules or cooperate with the staff will result in your removal from our fields without refund.
> Injuries such as twists, sprains, cuts, bruises, broken bones, spontaneous combustion etc. are possible as with any outdoor activity. Tater Wilderness Paintball assumes absolutely no responsibility for any injury. You are playing at your own risk.
Are you dangerously stupid?
Do you wear sunglasses instead of a paintball mask?
Is your velocity turned up so high your paintball's are entering another dimension?
You don’t need a barrel plug or bag because you use the markers’ safety?
Do you believe that if police see you up to no good with your marker that they will recognize it is not a firearm?

Date: March 12, 2009

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Tippmann Sports has announced a voluntary recall of the end cap assembly on certain A-5® model paintball markers. Click here to view the joint press release of the CPSC and Tippmann Sports

A-5® markers with Serial Numbers 0409301-0422200 were manufactured with end cap assemblies that may break, eject, and cause personal injury under certain conditions.

If your A-5® marker falls within this serial number range and has the “old style” end cap identified in the picture below, STOP USING YOUR A-5® MARKER IMMEDIATELY. All A-5® markers with the “new style” end cap are not the subject of this safety recall, nor are other Tippmann, US Army™ and TPN™ paintball products.