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Welcome to %$#@&* New York!

All prices include the sales tax!!!


Except for some special events we are a field paint only field. There are bills to be paid. Sneaking non-field paint shall result in expulsion without refund. Game days allowing BYOP (bring your own paint) still require field paint in rentals. (Why? Because we have to clean the rental markers and poor quality paint makes a mess.) Sorry, no high pressure. Our rental markers are Tippmann 98 customs. Solid, dependable, accurate and made right here in the USA!



Admission with your equipment $12.00

Admission + rental with 100 paintball’s $27.00

                            with 500 paintball’s $44.00


Field Grade Paint

$55 a case

Buy 5 cases or more for $50 a case.

Premium Grade Paint

$65 a case

CO2 fills for non-rentals up to 16oz.- $4.00

More than 16oz.- $5.00


Game play by reservation only.

16 person minimum group size.

$8.00 per person deposit required three days before game date.


On open game days ignore minimum group size and deposit but please call or e-mail for details and especially if you need rentals.


Sorry, we do not process credit cards.

Prices subject to change.